In our most revealing interview to date (lol) we got to spend some time with the gang over at music rag about how the band got started and where we got the name.

For those of you who just can’t wait to discover how we came up with the name Radionaut… here is an quote from the article on The Music Rag

It took a while. You don’t think your name would be the hard part; the music came a lot easier than the name [laughs]. We were struggling for a little while and we played under another name actually and this finally came to us. Having all grown up with the radio as such a primary influence, we were wrestling around with ‘radio’ and Diego actually, I got to give him a little credit, he brought the other side of it, the ‘naut’, which means ‘to sail’; so the literal meaning is to sail on radio waves, which we thought was cool. It’s pretty literal to the ambition of the band to get on the radio, right? So, yeah, travelor of the radio kind of fit.

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